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Why Do People Struggle with Social Media Ads?

The main reason is that most people never learn the fundamentals of social media advertising. 

What are the fundamentals of social media advertising? 

Three essential components make up the fundamentals of social media advertising.

  1. Understand your target audience(s) – there may be more than one 
  2. Create messages and use images or videos that resonate with your audience
  3. Make offers that your audience will find irresistable

What is the Best Way to Identify the 3 Essential Components of Social Media Ads?

The answer is testing.

When you test first you can say goodbye to wasting time and money on advertising that does not produce results. 

Testing gives you immediate feedback on on your audience(s), ad copy and graphics or videos.  It produces real data from your own ads so you can stop guessing and start creating ads that produce results.

There is the quick, easy, and inexpensive way to create social advertising tests.  There is also the time consuming, difficult, and expensive way to create social advertising tests.

Following specific techniques and strategies ensure that you create tests that reliably give you the information you need.

Our most popular course, Leap Over the Learning Curve teaches you how to properly run cost effective tests that quickly give you the informatino you need.

Avoid the Churn and Burn of Your Ad Budget

Let’s face it, social media ad systems are complicated to use.  When you login to place an ad on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or TikTok, you are immediately given up to 11 choices.

Yes –  that is e-l-e-v-e-n choices!.

Pick the right one and you are off to a good start. Pick the wrong one and you could churn through your ad budget quickly and not see the results you hoped for.  Too many people target the wrong audience, use the wrong images and text causing them to burn through their ad budget.

Most people don’t realize that social platforms are designed to upsell them to the most expensive ad type which may not work for them. The instructions offered by these platforms are vague, so without the proper training, it is very easy to make expensive mistakes. 

We show you precisely how to test your audience, creative, and ad copy for just a few dollars a day. 

There is an easier way
Leap Over the Learning Curve

Leap Over the Learning Curve of Social Media Advertising teaches you how to test the three critical components of social media advertising.

Our proposition is simple. Test, learn and create better ads.

You will learn how to run low costs tests before you roll out to more expensive campaign types.

Once you master these skills, you can apply these techniques and strategies to many social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest and even LinkedIn. 

We don’t waste your time with theory. We teach you proven techniques and strategies.

Once you master the fundamentals of testing, you can say good bye to wasting time and money on failing strategies. You will confidently know how to target your ideal customers on any platform.

Most importantly, you will know the techniques and strategies that  grow a loyal customer base who buys from you again and again!

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Short Explainer Videos

The average length of our training videos is only 8 minutes. We deliver real clear instructions quickly and efficiently.

Checklists & Guides

Our programs include printable instructions and checklists. You know exactly what to do every step of the way.

Tools, Tips & Shortcuts

We focus on efficiency and teach you the latest tools, tips, and shortcuts.  We regularly update of list of tools and apps.

business types we serve

eCommerce & Online Sellers

Advertising on social media is one of the quickest ways to find new customers and build a loyal customer base for eCommerce companies and online sellers.

Service Businesses

People look online first for services.  Advertising online is the best way to share your expertise and be sure that your service business is found online.  

Retail & Restaurants

Social media advertising offers the perfect opportunity to share visual experiences with your customers and entice them to visit your location.

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We’ve worked diligently to compile the exact information you need to have success with social media advertising. The training was designed so you could take immediate action and not get lost in unecessary information.

Every class gets straight to the point and gives you exactly what you need to know, delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.  In just a few hours, you will be up and running and more importantly advertising.

Yes, this course would be perfect for you.  It is best to establish an ad account on Facebook before starting the course. If you do not have an ad account, we will provide you links  to online instructions ofr creating an account.

That depends on the course you take, but every course contains no more than a one hour of video training.  Our shortest course is only 37 minutes.

Our trainings are designed for eCommerce & Online Sellers, Service Businesses such as acountants,

You will have access to the course for up to 12 months. It will be updated with any major changes to that may occur over that time.

The New Normal

People Look Online First

Searching online for products and services is nothing new but the pandemic has made it the new normal.

The days of organic reach are history. To be found online today you must advertise.

The truth about social media advertising is that it is pay-to-play. The good news is that there are techniques and strategies that quickly and cost effectively learn what works and what does not.

Run Better Ads

Stop Guessing
Start Testing

If you are like most business owners that are new to social media advertising, you’ve probably been doing everything the hard way–starting with a bunch of best guesses and spending your way to success. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Big brands always test first. They know investing the time and money to understand their audience and what they need and want, they will save tons of time and money and get better results.

If you want to run better ads and find out what works best for your audience, then you need to test those ads.

Get started today with Leap Over the Learning Curve.

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