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The Ultimate 2022 Holiday Marketing Checklist

The ONLY checklist NEW eCommerce Stores Need to Market and Sell More this Holiday Season

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▪️Don't know how to create a custom audience for Instagram or Facebook? No problem, we'll show you how and much more!

▪️ Don't have a big budget for ads? Don't worry, we'll show you how to spend a few bucks per day and get results.

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About Your Trainer

Sheila Donovan

Over 20 years of global marketing experience for some of the world’s most famous brands including Chanel, Macy’s, Dell, National Geographic, LL Bean and more taught Sheila Donovan that the techniques and strategies used by big businesses can and should be applied to small businesses. Sheila now shares this valuable insight with small businesses so they can optimize their social media marketing efforts and maximize their results. 

Sheila’s unique ability to explain complex marketing concepts in an easy-to-understand way that even beginners can follow inspired her to create Real Clear Marketing, a series of marketing training courses and a membership group.  

Her popular course Leap Over the Learning Curve is starting on March 14th! Grab your seat today and save $100

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