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Sales or Marketing is Like "The Chicken or The Egg", Which Come First?

Sales or marketing, which comes first?

Without question, if you are a small business owner, especially a new small business owner, the answer is marketing comes first.

Why? Because the way consumers buy has totally changed, especially in the last decade.

Mobile phones have become the primary device for consumers around the world and everyone looks online first when searching for products and services.

Small business owners that want to find new customers and build a loyal customer base know that they need to market their business online.

I know this is true because I have been a self-employed marketer for over 20 years and make a living on knowing what works and avoiding what doesn’t.

Too Many Choices, Too Little Time

It seems like there are new platforms and apps coming to the market every day. Tik Tock is now rivaling YouTube for viewer attention and Facebook and Instagram introduced Stories to challenge Snap Chat’s massive growth.

There are too many choices and too little time for a small business owner to effectively research and be on all platforms.

The truth is that you don’t have to be on all platforms all the time.  As a matter of fact, that will likely hurt your marketing effectiveness because you may spread yourself too thin. Pick one or two platforms and stick with it.

Hi, I'm Sheila and I LOVE Helping Small Businesses

Many people ask me, how did you get into marketing?

My answer is that I fell into it.  The first job I got out of college was in sales and marketing for a large textile firm based in Atlanta, GA.

My undergraduate degree is in political science so I thought I would go to law school or go into politics but once the marketing bug bit me, I knew that I found my life long career.

I've Marketed All Types of Products Around the World

I have marketed almost everything including  clothes, magazines, vacations, industrial parts, computer, events, education, food and more around the globe.

I have been self-employed for over 20 years and was well know in the global direct marketing and data quality industry.  I often spoke at industry events on the topic of global marketing.

I grew my marketing company to a multi-million dollar, five person organization serving an impressive list of clients including Forbes,  LL Bean, Dell, Macy’s, SXSW, The National Geographic Society and many more.  

If a client needed a mailing list of Japanese women with children, or French businessmen that like wine, I could help them do that.

Then the world Changed and I changed with it

Some years ago, I realized that things were changing in the world of marketing. Digital platforms were growing while traditional methods were shrinking. It was impossible to ignore or deny that digital platforms were the “new black” in marketing.

Being an expert in my field and having an impressive client list did not change the fact that the demand for traditional marketing services was reducing and the demand for digital services was growing. The handwriting was on the wall and I realized that I needed to shift my focus as well.

It was a bit daunting at first. I had to learn a whole new vocabulary and set of tools. The good news is that the core foundation of marketing was not different so the transition to the digital world was not really that hard.

Go Big with Small Businesses

When I decided to change my business model, I decided to change my focus as well.

Working with large corporations was great for a long time, but I grew tired of the endless travel and the constant employee turnover I was witnessing at my clients’ organization.

I wanted to make a real difference with the companies that I served.

I realized that many small businesses knew that they needed to market online but found the whole process overwhelming.

So I designed a program that teaches small business owners “click by click” how to market their business online.

How I can Help You

Step by Step is not Enough.
I will show you click by click.

When you are learning something new, especially like digital marketing, it can be overwhelming.

That is why, “step by step” is not a good teaching style.  I have found that it is best to break down the steps into actions, and break down the actions into click.  If you have never used Facebook Business Manager, you could be easily overwhelmed with the choices of things to click on.

I will show you literally “click by click” what to click on and the reason why you are choosing these options.


My Favorite Inspirational Quotes

A Dream written down becomes a goal

A Goal broken into steps becomes a Plan

A Plan backed by Action

Make your dreams a reality

The secret to getting ahead

is getting started



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