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Sheila Donovan

I have been in sales and marketing for my entire career. I built a global marketing firm that specialized list brokerage, database management and direct mail from scratch. I served an impressive list of clients that included Forbes, Dell, Macy’s, SXSW, The Wharton School of Business, Cornell University and other recognized names.

A few years ago, I realized that things were changing in the world of marketing. Digital platforms were growing while traditional methods were shrinking. It was impossible to ignore or deny that digital platforms were the “new black” in marketing.

When I decided to transition to digital marketing, it was a pretty dramatic change. To be honest it was bit daunting at first. I had to learn a whole new vocabulary and set of tools. The good news is that the core foundation of marketing was not different so the transition to the digital world was not really that hard.

I also decided to focus on a new segment of the market. Being a small business owner myself, I wanted to help small business owners market like the big companies.

I knew this was entirely possible because tools and platforms that were once only available to large companies became available for small businesses at very reasonable prices. Every business that wants to use digital marketing can. Al they need is a few bucks and the desire to grow their business.

Now I am dedicated to teaching small business owners how to use digital marketing to grow their businesses.

What Our Students Say

Taking Sheila’s digital, social media marketing courses has opened up a world of possibilities. From conceiving and building a website, to writing content and creating videos, Sheila’s advice is spot on. I feel as if I am ready to take on the world. Her simple, yet effective approach was perfect for a novice, like me. If you are looking to expand your horizons, you must talk to Sheila.”
Marc Z, The Global eCommerce Guy
New Jersey, USA
Sheila is an amazing coach, with vast knowledge and unique strategies which she customized for my business. Her coaching not only helped me attain my first international distributor, but has boosted my confidence greatly. Now I have someone to turn to when I 'just don't know what's next'. Her saying 'You have to eat the elephant one bite at a time' helped me realize that building a business is a complex journey, but without proper coaching, you can be destined to fail. Time for the next bite.... thanks
Janet Ryan, Spectra Spray
New Jersey, USA
If you're looking for hard-hitting digital marketing, you'll want to work with Sheila Donovan. Her video programs are packed with solid information yet easy for even a beginner to understand. Besides that, Sheila is just a terrific and fun person to work with. Don't fear digital marketing. Work with Sheila on a campaign that will get your business exactly where it needs to be!
Sue T, Copywriter
New Jersey, USA
Sheila Donovan's Marketing Accelerated course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing. She walks you through each phase of the digital marketing process, showing exactly what to do and how to do it. I especially enjoyed the section regarding online research. It gave me new things to consider and definitely improved my research skills. Sheila's teaching method is incredibly clear and concise. Everything she demonstrates is easy to follow and easy to execute. I am thrilled with the knowledge I've gained from this course.”
Michelle L, ML Online Business Solutions
Maine, USA