Course 1

Targeting eCommerce Buyers in 2022

Massive changes to targeting options have taken place on any platforms in the last 18 months. Targeting options are disappearing every day causing ad costs to rise. The only way to reach the right audience is with a smart strategy. Learn the BEST strategies for reaching your best customers in 2022 and beyond.

Targeting eCommerce Buyers in 2022

5 lessons - 2 hours
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Course 2

Linkedin for eCommerce Sales

LinkedIn is an overlooked gem for eCommerce sellers. Few eCommerce companies post their products on LinkedIn so there is little competition. LinkedIn users are people and need clothes, home goods, gift baskets etc.Th

Linkedin for eCommerce Sales

5 lessons - 2:10 hours
Buy Now - $47

Course 3

How to train you employees to manage your social media

Most companies have social media talent right under their nose. It make sense to utilize your in-house staff to manage some, if not all of your social media marketing and advertising. To successfully leverage your staff's talents, everyone must on the same page, following procedures, and track the right metric. This course will teach you all of that and much more.

How to train you employees to manage your social media

5 lessons - 4:11 hours
Buy Now - $197

Coming Soon

leap over the learning curve of paid social media ads

Running paid ads is a surefire way to grow your eCommerce business but with all of the major changes in the ads platforms, it can be challenging and costly to make your ads produce results. Leap Over the Learning Curve is specifically de

leap over the learning curve of paid social media ads

It will be short, sweet and easy to follow and take action.
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I'm Sheila Donovan

With 25 years of  global marketing experience expertise, I helped build and grow over 250 companies. In the constantly changing field of digital marketing, it is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth.

Why My Courses

Complex concepts
are explained in simple terms
so you can take action

Short Concise videos

Everyone is busy which is why our courses are short and to the point. These no fluff trainings tell you exactly what you need to know as quickly as possible so you can take action and grow your business.

Trusted Knowledge

With over 20 years of working with some of the world's most famous brands, we know that delivering honest accurate information is critical. Your success depends on it and so does our.

Anytime, Anywhere

All of our courses are on demand and available whenever you what to invest the time. The modules are designed is short sections you can work your way through in short time slots or dedicate a few hours to learning.

What People are Saying

I have known Sheila for over 15 years, I have always found her to be straightforward, honest and professional. Sheila has always been easy to work with, knowledgeable, pleasant, and has a fantastic personality that allows her to engage with peers and customers in the best way possible
Ed Conrad
As President of the Board of Trustees for the Women's Center for Entrepreneurship, I have asked Sheila to speak to groups of entrepreneurs with an evaluation of their social media marketing materials. She always received stellar reviews.
Alyce Hackett
LifeStyle Resources
Sheila Donovan's Marketing Accelerated course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing. She walks you through each phase of the digital marketing process, showing exactly what to do and how to do it
Michelle Lowery
ML Online Services
Taking Sheila’s digital, social media marketing courses has opened up a world of possibilities. From conceiving and building a website, to writing content and creating videos, Sheila’s advice is spot on
Mark Zazeela
The eCommerce Guy
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