Facebook Removes TikTok from Targeting in Ad Platform

In the race to win the hearts and loyalty of creators and advertisers, Facebook has removed TikTok from the targeting options in the ad platform. This bold move means that Facebook is serious about keeping users on their platform and blocking competitor attempts to steal their users.

Facebook routinely removes targeting options without announcing their intentions.  They do post warnings in ad accounts that specific targeting options will be removed and suggest that you update the audience.  If you do not remove the deprecated target, they will remove it for you with no notice.

Why is removing TikTok from the targeting options such a bog deal? 

Online sellers and brands are moving to TikTok in droves.  The clever videos, demos, and live selling on TikTok are a great way to sell products.  The bottomline is that reaching your target audience on multiple platforms, especially those that are rapidly increasing their user base.

Online sellers have a wide variety of targeting options when it comes to selling products on Facebook and Instagram.  For example, if you sell shoes you could target people that are interested in shoes, footwear, specific types of shoes and even famous name brands like Jimmy Choo. When you narrow the audience to include only people interested in TikTok, you have the perfect audience of people you can ask to follow you on TikTok.  But, at this point, I will have to use past tense and say “had”.

 TikTok’s rapidly growing users based is a prime target for online sellers and buyers.  In a January 2022 study, eMarketer found that 20.6% of TikTok users bought goods “all the time” whereas only 15.8% of Facebook users reported the same behavior.

No wonder Facebook , and more importantly Instagram is threatened by TikTok’s popularity.

It’s obvious that Facebook perceives this threat, and this is one way to knock out the competition – just make sure that competitors can’t serve ads on your platform.

What does this mean for your business?

It means that it could be time to consider TikTok or Instagram for your business. You should at a minimum register your company name or personal brand on both of these platforms.

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Instagram has an enormous millennial, but there are people of all age ranges with a wide variety of interest on the platform.  Many eCommerce brands report great success when selling via Instagram so it is definitely worth investigating is you have an online store.

You may also want to consider spending some time to see if TikTok is right for your business. TikTok’s range of subjects is extensive with everything from accounting to zebras. You will find a growing number of online sellers promoting their products on the platform. The most successful online sellers showcase their products in short and entertaining videos.

Businesses are rushing to establish their presence on Tik Tok because they recognize the enormous opportunity.

If you want to target TikTok users on any platform, install the TikTok pixel on your website to identify users. You can find the TikTok pixel in Google or Apple Stores in the TikTok for business add the section. You must create an account in order to create a pixel, but it could be well worth the effort.

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