LinkedIn – the eCommerce Hidden Gem

LinkedIn is the largest B2B networking platform with 62 million active monthly users. It is a great place to do business, but it’s also a great place for eCommerce companies to promote their products. Think about it, there are 62 million business people on LinkedIn every single day. They need clothes, shoes, and many are looking for healthy alternatives for their meal plans they’re as vitamins and more.

People on LinkedIn have personal lives. There’s no law that says if they see a post about clothes, food, or a vacation opportunity on LinkedIn that they cannot respond to it because it’s a business networking platform. People at work will respond to what interests them so it is certainly worth testing putting your product or service on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is loaded with busy moms and dads that need product and services that make their life easier.  There are countless women and men on LinkedIn that like fashion, food, coffee, jewelry, and more.   If you build your network strategically and focus on connecting with the people most likely to use your product you can get orders from LinkedIn traffic.

The best way to test is to expand your network as much as you can both locally nationally and internationally depending on your product. Step two is to start liking and commenting on other people’s posts so that they see your posts. Step three would be to start posting about your product images and stories, case studies, and don’t forget to use the proper hashtags.

If you sell a product at a business person is likely to use it even in their personal life, weight and could be a good option for you. It is certainly worth testing and doesn’t forget to use the proper hashtags in your post.

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